Yarn Tasting – Part 2 Fresco

Yesterday I posted about the Yarn Tasting at my LYS last month. I’ve knitted up another swatch from the yarn we were given. It is Classic Elite Yarns Fresco. It’s a 60% Wool/30% Baby Alpaca/%10 Angora blend yarn in a sport weight. I knit up a bit of a swatch with US5 needles. So far this is my favorite yarn of the ones we were given. I loved knitting with it.  The wool held the stitch definition great and the alpaca/angora blend really gave this a luxurious feel. I thought I was knitting with a cashmere! The angora in this yarn gives the finished product a bit of a halo when it is knit up. It doesn’t show up well in the photograph though.

Classic Elite Yarns Fresco

As for negatives with this yarn, I have none so far. It’s not splitty at all and I was using Clover bamboo needles to knit with! I would definitely recommend this yarn to a friend looking for a nicer yarn to knit up a special garment.

This yarn comes in 164 yard/50 gram hanks and for the price it’s a steal of a yarn! It comes in a wide array of colors on the Classic Elite website!

This yarn would be best suited for hats, scarves, cowls, and sweaters! In fact, I have 7 skeins in the Superman Yellow colorway waiting to be knit into a lovely yellow cardigan! I can’t wait to do more knitting with this yarn!



2 thoughts on “Yarn Tasting – Part 2 Fresco

  1. I’ve been eyeing this yarn as a pattern for a sweater I have calls for it but I’m concerned it might get too pilly with wear. Although, the fiber content has me really wanting a cozy sweater to wear from it. I feel so torn!

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