One sleeve down, one to go!

This week I made some more progress on the Perfect Sweater. It’s been slow going the last couple of months, but I am making progress. During this week I decided that the Girasole wasn’t going to get done by the 20th no matter how much I knit on it.  This caused me to pick up the sweater to work on.

First sleeve

There it is. The first sleeve. I’ve even already cast on the 2nd and have about 2 inches of knitting done on it! I think I can safely say that in the next week I will have the 2nd sleeve done. Then I will learn about seaming and picking up stitches for the collar.

On a side note, casting on the for the 2nd sweater I finally figured out how to do the provisional cast-on so that it quickly unzips to join to the rest of the knitting later on. I guess I’d been knitting into the wrong loop this entire time. 4th time is charm there!

I’m now off to dig out my car and head to work.  Stay warm!


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