Knitting, hiking, and snow

Ahh, this has been one of my favorite weekends in a long time. Some good friends came up to Omaha this weekend to relax after there wedding and before heading back to Thailand. It was great fun. We met up out at the cabin they were staying in at Mahoney State Park.  We spent the evening by the fireside enjoying food, hot cocoa and catching up on the last year! I had my knitting along of course.

Socks are happiest by the fireside

Saturday morning we all got up and got geared up for winter. It was lightly snowing out and it was perfect to take the dogs out for a short hike. I took a few photos, but this red prairie grass was so beautiful I just had to share this photo!

Mahoney State Park

I have to say this weekend was equally relaxing and refreshing to me as well as my friends. I haven’t taken enough time lately to enjoy nature. By now this fields is probably covered with snow. We have about 5 inches on the ground with 6-8″ more expected by Monday evening. Schools and some of the highways are already closed.

Be safe out there!


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