Car Ride Knitting

This holiday season we drove down to Wichita to spend the holiday with my husband’s family. It was a great time mixed with food, friends, family, ER visits, and plenty of knitting time.

I had every intention of knitting on the Girasole afghan this weekend in order to make more progress to ensure I had it complete before the Jan 17th deadline of the recipients leaving the country. That didnt’ happen once. I didn’t take it out of it’s plastic grocery sack all weekend!

Instead I started knitting on my sock in the car and continued that knitting all weekend. 

Done with the gusset!

I made some serious progress on it this weekend. I have about 1.5 inches left before I begin to decrease for the toe. I decided to continue the k3, p1 ribbing on the bottom of the foot, when I finished the gusset to make it a bit more form fitting for my foot. (I have skinny feet!)

This is mostly a made up pattern for me. I love the self-striping Regia yarn I’m using! I sure hope it softens a bit when I wash them, as it is a little bit stiff and scratchy to me right now.

I have to say that’s about all I accomplished this weekend! I love how the sock was the perfect size to tote around to various relatives homes for sitting and talking and opening gifts!


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