Knitting Adultery….

Yup, I did it. I cheated on my Girasole this weekend in a big way. I have been solely knitting on the Girasole in hopes that I can somehow miraculously finish it be before Jan 1 when my friends are getting married. I was burnt out. It’s starting to get big enough it’s a bit difficult to manage. I’m about done with Chart D, which means the next to the last row doubles the number of stitches on the afghan from 320 to 640! Holy crap that’s  a lot of stitches! That will be the point when I switch from the 32″ needle to the 60″ needle. On the bright side, 640 stitches is as big as it is going to get.

So here are the items I cheated with (admitting there is a problem is step #1 right?):

2 Ballband Dishcloths

Yup. Dishcloths. That was my affair. Not only that, but I have dishcloth #3 on the needles right now. I think they will be come my mobile project as the afghan is getting too heavy (really Girasole, I do not mean this in a bad way, the chunky look is great on some projects….)

These little dishcloths are light and airy and colorful. They really made my Sunday a bit brighter with their cheery colors. They will be a Christmas gift for someone.  I’m using the pattern called “Ballband Dishcloth.” It was published in a Mason-Dixon knitting book. I loved them instantly when I found them in there. Super easy to remember and super quick to knit up. I’m using size US7 needles and Bernat Handicrafter cotton.

So I’m sorry Girasole, but I have had an affair, and I liked it. I will be back to knitting on you soon enough. How about dinner and a movie Tuesday night? Will you forgive me?


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