Clapotis Progress!

Dropping stitches has never been so satisfying!

I had a few hours of car rides to endure over the holiday so I spent them working on my Clapotis scarf.  I even learned a new join to rid me of my need to weave in ends when I was done!

Clapotis with the first 2 dropped stitches!

This was taken on Saturday morning on the return trip to Omaha. Now I’ve dropped about 3 more stitches and it is really starting to look awesome.

I’ve been using the spit felted join on this scarf. It’s really less gross than it seems, though some might disagree. You spit into your hand and join the 2 ends by rubbing them between your palms until they felt a little bit. Works like a charm. No ends to weave in! I chose this join due to having 6 mini balls of yarn because of all the knots in the 3 original skeins.

I have run into a tiny tiny problem. I’m going to run out of yarn! I thought 3 balls would be enough to make a decent length scarf, but I’m finding that to not be the case. I’m 2.5 balls in already and it’s not very long at all. I’m going to need another skein definitely to make this a decent length! If you happen to have any Noro Silk Garden in color way 274 that you would be willing to part with, please toss me an email.  I think 1 more ball should be enough.


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