Yarn Mail!

I love when I get yarn in the mail. It’s like a little slice of Christmas when it happens.

Yesteray I received my skein of Coulrphobia Kraemer base sock yarn in this lovely color combination. I won it in a swap held on Ravelry late October. Yohopaulie on Ravelry is the one who dyes this up. I’ve had several of her other yarns in the past as well. I knit up my Traveling Woman shawl with her So Twizted sock yarn in the Beach Hoar colorway a few months ago.

While waiting on thsi to get to me, I had sent her some brown Brown Sheep fingering weight yarn that I wasn’t too happy with to over dye. I told her to be creative.


This is what I got in return yesterday…


I couldn’t get this to photograph very well, but it’s a deep emerald green with a bit of brown through it. It’s quite lovely! Now to figure out what I’m going to knit with it!


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