Podcasts. I know a lot of people out there listen to podcasts. Lately I’ve been enjoying the Knitmore Girls on my iPad at work. It makes the day go by quickly and is quite enjoyable to listen to.  I listen to the most recent episode then go back to an earlier one. I’m somewhere around Episode 21 right now.  Each episode is around around 20-30 minutes, sometimes they go a full hour or more if it’s a chatty one.

A videocast I love watching each week is Round the Twist with Cairn. She is knitter/spinner/fiber enthusiast from here in Omaha. She does a weekly videocast of her current projects both knitting and spinning, what’s finished, etc.  She recently moved her video cast from YouTube to iTunes and BlipTV. It’s lovely on the iPad. I encourage you to watch this. It’s about 15 to 20 min per episode.

What other knitting podcasts are you there? What do you listen to? What would you recommend?


2 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. Nice blog! I will have to add it to those I keep up on.

    As for podcasts, I found one recently that is hysterical! It’s The KnitWits podcast. A knitterly/spinnerly wife and a non-fibery husband duo who are so funny they crack each other up. If you listen to the Knitmore Girls, you have heard Gigi talk about them. He’s the one with “the voice like dark chocolate.”

    How is the Clapotis coming? Maybe I’ll see it if you are at WF tonight.

  2. I listen to tons of kntting podcasts. I recommend Sticks and String, Cast On, Manic Purl, Stash and Burn, Electric Sheep and Fiber Beat. I have many more to round out the list but I really like these and the KnitMoreGirls too!

    Happy Knitting always,

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