Striped Socks on 2 Circulars

Well I managed to break the rule I’ve been following all summer. No more than 3 WIPs at a time. Right now I have 4. The Clapotis that I talked about yesterday, my socks, a stuffed rabbit and my sweater! 

This is the post to talk about the socks. They were cast on last night at Stitch N’ Bitch at Whole Foods. We are doing a November Sockalong this month and there are about 8-10 people working on socks using various methods. We have verteran sock knitters and newbies too!

I chose to do 2 at a time on 2 circs. It’s a mouthful to type. I’m using Regia 4-Ply sock yarn in a grey self-striping. I’m planning on doing a basic rib pattern K3, P1 for the top fo the foot and the cuff. I chose to do mine toe up. This way I can try them on as I go. I like toe up cast-on’s much better.

I learned the Turkish cast on last night for toe-ups. It was super easy! I think this is going to be a favorite of mine if I choose to do socks again. We’ll see how this attempt goes.  As of this morning I’m about 4 rows from having enough to start doing plain rows insetead of increasing every other row.

Toes of my socks

As you can tell these will not be identical twins. I think I like this because it will be neat to see how they stripe differently.

My next post will be about the needles I’m using. They are new to me and I thought a needle review would be a good thing to do!


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