The Clapotis (Clap-o-tee) scarf is quite popular. I’ve had this particular scarf in my queue for nearly a year. Something about purposely dropping stitches to create a neat pattern intrigues me.

I cast mine on last night using Noro Silk Garden. I got this yarn in a swap on Ravelry. It’s color 274 which is purples, greens, grey and a bit of orange. I went to wind this into balls last night to make it easier to see the color changes. I found 3 knots where they tied yarn together and didn’t keep with the color flow. After some internet browsing to find out how the colors should go I lined up the balls and rewound some to get them in order.

Noro lined up ready to knit

What was 3 balls is now 6 balls. I took this photo so I could remember what order they go in as I’m knitting along. I’m kind of disappointed that there isn’t more of the orange color in there. It seemed that only made it into 1 of the 3 original balls.

I soon cast on and have made it through the setup and onto the increase rows. I don’t think I’m going to make it as wide as the pattern calls, but we will see what happens.

Start of a Clapotis

This is the first new project. Stay tuned for the next project!


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