Time for an update

It’s about time I updated this blog. The last wee was a busy one with an audit wrapping up at work and my BIG engineering exam on the 30th! I feel so relieved that both of those are in the past now.

The sweater is still 1/3 of a sweater give or take a few inches. I’m about 5 inches into the front piece. I haven’t touched it much this week. I keep getting distracted with new projects.

Before going into the new projects I need to recap on the old.

I quickly knit up a cowl out of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande Tweed 2 weeks ago.

My cowl on my ever fluffy model.

I have to say I love this yarn and this pattern, but I’m not too big of a fan of how big around it was. It seemed smaller on the needles. It’s getting unknitted sometime soonish and reknit a couple inches smaller in diameter. (Don’t worry, this model was fairly paid in tasty Milk Bones.)

I also finished up the 198 yards of heaven shawl I was knitting for a friend on Ravelry. It’s been blocked out and is waiting for me to weave in the ends.

It’s lovely. I need to measure it to see exactly how big it turned out.  This pattern was a quick knit once you got into it.

It’s getting late (for me) so I think I will update you tomorrow or Thursday on the new projects. I can assure you they are quite lovely!


One thought on “Time for an update

  1. I love that yarn! Baby alpaca grande was the yarn I used for my first ever knitting project. Good luck on your sweater. Mine has been put on the back burner too in lieu of other, more pressing (read: christmas gifts) projects.

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