It might not have been Rhinebeck…but it was Nebraska!

The retreat was a success! I had a ton of fun out there, though I did feel I spent the weekend working since I had planned a lot of the things going on out there.


Check-in Table


I came out Friday night to help get things set up and get the first wave of knitters checked in. We ended up with 36 people attending the retreat!

Saturday we had a lovely class taught by Summer from Personal Threads Boutique here in Omaha. She did a fabulous job! We learned about the mattress stitch, the crochet seam, and applied I-cord bind off! I personally hadn’t done any of those. My seaming techniques typically were a hodgepodge of made up things that were neither pretty nor effective.  We then learned a bit a bout blocking! I had my Pretty Thing cowl blocked out! It still isn’t dry. Don’t know why that is. But I’m going to give it another day to dry out completely before weaving in the ends.  That will mark the first Christmas present of the year done!

Saturday afternoon was hang out and knit time. I did get plenty of work done on a top secret project I will post later on.  I worked on my sweater a bit too. I did finish the back piece last night while hanging out at the Tea Smith here in Omaha. Now to cast on the front. I believe I will do that tonight if I study properly like I should after work for my FE exam that is in 2 weeks.


Deer at the park's entrance Saturday


Mahoney State Park is lovely this time of year. Saturday morning when I got out there, I was greeted by 4 deer! They stood there next to the road for a long time so I took their photo.  I saw some more on a walk through the woods Saturday afternoon. The place was just teeming with life!


Stephanie's Tattoo


My friend Stephanie had arrived Friday night with fresh “ink”. She had gotten this awesome knitting tattoo just a few hours earlier! It was definitely the talk of the retreat! I love the angora bunny on the right. Too cute! You know you are a dedicated knitter when you get a knitting tattoo!

Karen of course arrived wearing her freshly completed vest! She bought this yarn on a trip to Lincoln a month or so ago and churned out this vest in record speed (for me, that is!)


Karen in her lovely vest!

So despite my lovely idea of blogging the retreat, my camera got turned on in my knitting bag and ran the battery down! So these are the only photos I got to take!  I sure hope everyone that attended had a great time! I sure did and I’m already planning for next year’s retreat!


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