The final countdown…

Only 4 days till the Nebraska Knit Crochet Guild’s Fall Retreat! I can’t wait. I’ve been planning this thing since the beginning of the year. It took a lot more work than I anticipated. Now the countdown has begun. I’ve got the swag, door prizes, and other random things done. Now it’s just waiting.

What projects should I take? Do I start a new one in honor of this retreat? Big decisions are to be made.  I know for one I’m taking my sweater to work on, as it is mindless and I’d like to get the back completely done so I can start on the front.  I’m wanting to get this done before it gets too cold out. I don’t want to drag it out and I finish it next Spring!

The second project will probably be the 198 yds of heaven. I’m nearing the end of the 3 repeat, so it will be soon when I begin the short lace edge. It’s easily doable in a weekend. Alas, it is lace and it makes for a difficult “social” project.

I have an idea for a project to start. Either my pooling invention, or a Noro Striped Scarf. I’ve attemped the Noro Striped Scarf before, but at the time my continental purling was a disaster. Now I’ve got the Norwegian purl down, it should go much better. I’m going to use my Noro Taiyo yarn instead of the silk garden. I think I will like the colors better, and it’s much softer in my opinion. The reason for this choice is a friend is doing the same scarf and wanted to know if I was interested in a KAL.  Plus, this would be a good “mindless” social knitting project.

Well I’m off to work in a little while, so I need to get around this morning.  Enjoy your Tuesday!



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