198 Yds or More of Heaven

Since it is the start of a month, that means new classes for the Harry Potter House Cup.  This also means serious cases of startitis. I cast on for my 198 Yards of Heaven shawl which is going to the lady I swapped with for a swift. It’s a sweet pattern, though it could be written better in my opinion. It’s knitting up super quick as well.

198 yds of heaven

The yarn I’m using was sent to me by the person I’m making this for. It’s some sort of Noro mill ends. I can’t be sure on the yarn type. It’s got some silk and some wool, and some nice long color repeats. I know it’s not Silk Garden or Kuryeon. I like it though. I’m not even sure how much yardage of it I have to work with. This is 1.5 repeats of the main body chart, the pattern says to work 2.5.  Most project on Ravelry appear to have 3.5 if you want something larger than a shawlette. I’m going to try for for the 3.5 repeats, I’m sure I have enough yarn.

I love these color repeats. When I was balling up the yarn, I didn’t notice these color changes as much, but now that I’m knitting it, it’s kind of cool to watch the colors unfold.

While working on this the Sweater has been taking a nap in the knitting basket. It will get pulled out again later this week when I need some “boring” knitting.


One thought on “198 Yds or More of Heaven

  1. I’ve been wanting to make this shawlette for a while now. I even have the yarn set aside.

    I know what you mean about the boring sweater knitting. I am knitting two brown sweaters now and one gray one (in laceweight!) and I promised my husband another for Christmas. I think stockinette might actually be able to bore me to death.

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