Continental Knitting: Learning a New Technique

In the last month I have been trying to learn the art of continental knitting.  I started out with the knit stitch. I watched a few videos online, YouTube was a life saver. I’ve been practicing the knit stitch on the baby surprise jacket I’m knitting right now.

I have started working on the purl stitch and just can’t seem to get it to work right. If I purl the way I want and feel natural doing, it comes out twisted.  I tried looking at videos and the regular continental purling method doesn’t work right for me. I am having difficulty getting it to turn out right.

I just did some more research using Google and stumbled upon what is called an “Eastern European Purl Stitch”. It is shown in this video. It’s turning out very similar to the regular purl stitch, only it’s going much faster and isn’t as awkward for me. Anyone else use this method?

I’m going to keep at this and see what I discover.


One thought on “Continental Knitting: Learning a New Technique

  1. I really would like to learn how to knit Continental but I feel SO SLOW when I do it. I’m sure practice would make me faster. Of course I don’t have the patience to practice and get better! haha!

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