It’s done!

Ahh, I feel like I’ve completed a masterpiece! I’m not sure it’s quite on the scale of the Mona Lisa, or the Statue of Liberty, but it does feel good. I got the Abrazo all blocked out Saturday morning!


It took me quite a while to get the shape just right. It didn’t grow widthwise as much as I would have hope, it only gained 5 inches. It went from 7 inches at the center line to 12 inches. The pattern says block it to 17″! I couldn’t get it to go any farther than the 12 though. I think this is because I knitted the wrong-side rows instead of purling so things were a bit tighter. I’m still loving how it turned out!

Up close lace portion

This is the lace part up close, because of the white mattress, it’s really hard to see the beadwork. They are definitely there. I’m going to be doing another shawl in the future with beads, I just know it!

I can’t wait to give this to the lucky bride-to-be. I hope she loves it as much as I do!


3 thoughts on “It’s done!

  1. That is beautiful! Very nice job! I can’t imagine that the lucky recipient won’t love it and appreciate all the work that went into it – those are always the best gifts!

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