Update: Traveling Woman Shawl

Yesterday I took a vacation day and made the trek with my husband down to Kansas City so that we could visit my grandmother. She was staying at the Hope house while getting her chemo and radiation treatments. It was so good to see her in such good spirits.  I took head measurements so that I can get to work knitting her a couple of hats to keep her head warm in the coming months.

On the way down I worked on my Traveling Woman shawl. I can’t believe how quickly this is knitting up! On the way down, I knitting for about 2 hours and got the rest of the increases done and started on Chart A.

Done with the increases!

I finished the first repeat of Chart A on the return trip and started into the 2nd. Still moving right along!  I really like how the pattern is starting to come out. This yarn is knitting up pretty awesome!

End of Chart A first repeat

This is such and easy pattern that I might have to make another one sometime. I have a feeling if I keep knitting on it this weekend I will be done very soon!

Keep cool! It’s really HOT out there!


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