Craft Room

Well I have to say this weekend was a success on many levels. On the knitting side I am nearly done with the lace portion of the Abrazo shawl, making it more of  reality that I will get it done in plenty of time for it’s debut in the wedding! That is great news. In fact as soon as I’m done writing this I’m hoping to knock out Row 18 of the lace pattern. Only 8 more to go (half being straight knit rows). I’ve now started decreasing stitches every other row so that is also a good thing.

On things, not directly related to knitting, I got the first part of my craft room/space set up this weekend in my basement.  My awesome husband took me to Home Depot and purchased me a 4 ft fluorescent light with the “True Light” bulbs that are full spectrum (or close to it). It’s awesome. I then proceeded to wire up a new electrical outlet and get the light hung up. Then I began the arduous task of cleaning up the area down there.

Craft Space

The next items on the list is getting a power strip set up, and getting a rug for the floor (I hate cold tile). Then I’m going to spray for creepy crawlies. I don’t like spiders. And there are TONS of them down there along with centipedes and who knows what else. They will be exiled or killed. Their choice.

I’ve got some wire shelves that were formerly in my master bedroom that I’m going to bring down and a rubbermaid drawer unit that will be coming down too. Soon I will have some organized space. Yippee!


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