Traveling Woman

Wednesday night Sit ‘n Knit at Whole Foods is best done with something mindless that doesn’t require alot of complex lace, beads, or things like that. Otherwise you will be spending Thursday night frogging anything you knitted on Wednesday.

I have finished all the traveling scarves I currently have in my possession and so I was out of “easy knitting” to take to Wednesday night. The next item that I have wanted to knit for awhile is a Traveling Woman shawl/scarf. It’s a fairly simple shawl in that the first part is just stockinette stitch with a few YO increases here and there. I figured this was appropriate for Sit ‘n Knit sessions. So I cast this on last night. I made a little progress. Maybe 10 rows in or so.

Traveling Woman

The yarn I’m using is from Coulrophobia on Etsy. She’s a friend I made on Ravelry and I got this yarn as part of a swap we did a few months ago. It’s called Sandy Beach Hoar. It’s a bright aqua with a dark brown and white. I believe if knit on socks it would be somewhat self striping, but as I’m using size 6 needles for this shawl, I’m not sure. It is a very summery color blend and as with all her yarns I’ve used, it’s heaven to knit with!

I think this will also serve as a distraction when I need to work on something that isn’t my Abrazo. Speaking of, I need to get some serious knitting accomplished on that beast this weekend if I hope at all to get it done in time for the wedding.

Hope ya’ll are keeping busy with some knitting!


One thought on “Traveling Woman

  1. I have the same problem with my Stitch n’ Bitch group. I have to take a project I can work on without thinking too much because we tend to get more talking done than stitching 🙂

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