Update: Abrazo

So I’ve actually managed to get some knitting done this week. I picked up the Abrazo I’ve been knitting and felt inspired to knit on it. I need to get a move on as it needs to be finished and blocked before the 28th of August.  Because my camera is needing a battery charging, I used my cell phone to take a sub-par photo of my progress. When I get the lace part all done I’ll pin it out and take a photo of what it would look like blocked.
Abrazo after row 12

I started row 13 of the lace last night. That puts me at the halfway point for the lace, so about 1/3 of the way done with the whole thing. I’m hoping when I get to the short rows it goes quickly!

Last night in the quest to work on the Abrazo, I made myself some new stitch markers. I found myself running out when marking the pattern repeats of this shawl and for me it’s crucial because then I can figure out mistakes early on.


I made up 40 of them last night and it really didn’t take too terribly long. With the ease of these I thought perhaps they could be sold in my future Etsy store. We’ll see. I love this type as they don’t snag on the laceweight, but they are colorful still.

That’s all from the knitting world this week!


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