Holiday Weekend

Wow. Can’t believe the 4th of July is already over.  This holiday we had both my family and my inlaws up for some grilling and hanging out around the new house and Omaha. 

Friday night while we were waiting for everyone to get into town we went to the Celebrate America Concert at Memorial Park. It’s a yearly free concert the Bank of the West puts on and this year the band playing were Kansas, Styx, and Foreigner. All really great bands.

We navigated the parking and ended up about 10blks from the concert, so a healthy walk there. We sat out our blanket and snacks and drinks and just hung out listening to the music and people watching. This is the only night that I managed to get ANY knitting done.

Prayer Shawl for Grandma

I did a few rows on the prayer shawl for my grandmother. I realized that after going home and riffling through the yarn stash that I’m not sure that I will have enough of this color to make the entire shawl! I might have to go buy an additional skein at the store. Luckily the Lion’s Brand Homespun doesn’t have very different dye lots.  I also think I might need to ge a longer needle. The one I have is 24″ and I probably need something like a 47″ really. Hmm…

This week in the knitting world I need to finish the traveling scarf I’m working on and then get some more work done on the Abrazo. Then start on the other traveling scarf that I have. I hope I have yarn for it. Lots of stuff to do there.

Hope your holiday knitting went better!


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