Update: Traveling Scarves

Well there aren’t going to be any photos right now because I forgot to take some. I’ll fix that later on.

I got 2 more Traveling Scarves in the mail this week to work on. I’m first working on one that is made out of Wollemeise yarn (WM). I can’t think of the colorway right off the top of my head but it’s black and a dark purple. It’s awesome looking. I decided to do a Triangle Rib pattern for this one, as it has alternating sections of ribbing and lacework.

Triangle Rib Pattern

This photo isn’t mine, but from “Knitting on the Net’s” stitch library. I’ve found it very useful for finding neat patterns for these traveling scarves.

The 2nd scarf I haven’t looked at much, but it’s going to require some bright sunny and cheerful colored yarns like greens, pinks, and oranges. I can’t wait to start working on it either!

I’ve not worked much on the Abrazo this week, I’m really sorry about that. I’m sure here in the next week I’ll get a 2nd wind and work on it more. I did work on my grandmother’s prayer shawl a bit while watching TV the other night. It’s coming along nicely. I need to get a photo of it sometime soon.


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