Finished Object: Firefly Scarf

This has been a fairly good weekend for knitting. I finished knitting my Firefly scarf Friday over lunch at work.  I came home and blocked it out that night.

Firefly Blocking

I’m so glad it’s done. I’ve not worn it yet, but I will sometime this week. I think it will go really good with my denim sun dress. I’m glad to have this done. It was a very quick knit and I’d consider doing another for a gift or something.

I then immediately cast on my Helmet Liner that has to be done before June 12th. I’m about 3.5 inches into the 7 inches of ribbing I need to do before starting the hat part. I hate knitting with 100% wool. It drys and itches my hands so bad. I’ve been using alot of lotion the last day for it. I hope to get that done this week.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


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