A plan.

I’m not sure it can be as simple as that, but I have a plan. Tonight I’m going to finish the Firefly Scarf. Finish in the sense I’ll be casting off. Then I’ll need to block it. That shouldn’t be too bad. I’ll need to retreive my Woolite from my old place (yea, still not 100% moved outta there) so that I can wash it first.

Once the Firefly is done I will then cast on for the Helmet Liner I need to make before June 10th. Nothing like cutting it close. Though on average I can knit a hat in a couple of evenings, so this shouldn’t take me that long.

Once the helmet liner is complete I will quickly work to get the Shetland Triangle finished and off the needles. This might be the most difficult one. It’s not an easy lace pattern by any means, but it does knit quickly. This also means I will need to find it and the pattern, both of which are somewhere in the pile of knitting/crafting items in the basement in my future workspace.

I’m expecting that this weekend or early next week my friend Lisa will have sent me her color swatch for her wedding shawl. I’ll need to go and find yarn that matches, or I’m thinking, have someone custom dye some yarn for it. Her wedding is mid August. The pattern I’ve picked out is called Abrazo. It was featured in the Twist Collective earlier this year. I felt it was perfect. Plus, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at some beaded lace anyways. The other option with this is to knit it in a bare, or natural yarn then dye it after it’s knit. No idea how or who I can get to do this for me, or if it is a good option.

Lots of things in the works as you can see. Pretty ambitious too.

How’s your summer plans going?


One thought on “A plan.

  1. I love Abrazo. I think that will turn out really nice.

    This summer I hope to get started on some Christmas stockings. I figure that should give me enough time to complete two. I also want to do the Whisper Cardigan. Not too ambitious but I also want to read some books.

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