Update: Firefly Scarf

Well after finishing the Koigu socks, I immediately picked up my Firefly Scarf and began to work on it again. I need to get this done before June 3rd and it’s very doable at this point. I’ve become really comfortable with the pattern (yay for errata posted on Ravelry!) I’m just about to begin the decreases. Once that starts it will go quickly since I’ll be dealing with less stitches each time. I’m hoping the 2nd ball of yarn gets me through to the end. I just started the 2nd ball about 14 rows before the center point. I’m hoping I don’t have to use 10 yds from the 3rd ball. I always hate using up a tiny amount of yarn on a new ball.

As for the sock problem spoken of in the last post, I found a loving home for those socks! I had my SIL try them on, they fit her perfectly! I think they were destined for her from the beginning, she loved the colors and the squishyness factor! I told her it’s a belated birthday present. Crazy how those things work out sometimes.

I’m considering doing another pair of socks. I have now done a) magic loop 1 at a time b)magic loop 2 at a time (failed in a big way) and c) 1 at a time on 2 circs. I think this time I’m going to do 2 at a time on 2 circs. I need some size 2 (2.75 or 3.0mm) 24 inch circulars. The yarn is going to be Knit Picks Imagination Sock Yarn in the Evil Stepmother colorway. I think, unless I find something else that strikes my fancy.

This weekend my goal is to finish cleaning out my apartment and get completely moved out of there. There are still quite a few things lingering there that need to be dealt with. Lots of cleaning to be done too. Not my favorite way to spend the weekend, but I need it done before the end of the month. After that is accomplished, then comes the task of making the craft area downstairs. If you have some carpet scraps that are in decent condition let me know. I’m looking for some.


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