Woe to Socks…

In my last post I mentioned that I feared that one sock was bigger than the other sock. It’s more like one sock is LOOSER than the other. I’m not sure how this happened. They have the same number of stitches, rows, etc. I guess my tension was different? I hate this. I really hate it.

So I have 2 options right now. A) Find someone with a bigger foot than the other and they will get a new pair of handknit socks or B) Find a way to shrink one.  Anythoughts?

I’m also considering starting another pair of socks. This time 2 at a time on 2 circs. I’m thinking that if I knit them the same way at the same time this problem will disappear, hopefully. I’m now in the market for a pair of size 24″ circulars for cheap. Used is fine too, so if you have some lying around unloved, let me know.


One thought on “Woe to Socks…

  1. I doubt you will be able to shrink one sock to the size of the other. But I recommend that you wash & dry both socks several times and see if they even out. It’s a bummer to knit socks that are not the same size due to changes in tension over time (and that does happen to all knitters,)

    That’s why I always do 2ATT socks — if you have a long enough circular — at least 40 inches — you can do 2ATT using ML — I can show you how. Not to discourage you from using two circulars, just in case you don’t want to buy another 24 inch circ just to do 2ATT on 2 circs.

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