Enough said. I love my hammock I bought this weekend. I’ve napped in it and now officially knit in it! Super comfy for both!

Knitting in the hammock

Tonight I came home, cooked dinner, did some dishes and rewarded myself with some hot heel turning action!  The fruits of my labor:

Heel turned!

And yes, that is Geordi La Forge in the TV. I’m watching Star Trek: TNG on SyFy while knitting. It’s a good combination.


3 thoughts on “Hammocks.

  1. This is so funny. I’m scrolling down the page reading what you wrote, I get to the picture of the sock and think “is that Star Trek in the background?” then I scroll down and read the last two sentences. Sure enough…

  2. See, I didn’t immediately think “Star Trek” – my first thought was “Why does LeVar Burton have a stripe across his eyes? Is she watching ‘Reading Rainbow: Witness Protection Edition’?” And I did used to watch TNG, so I do know who Geordi is, he just wasn’t the first thing that popped into my head! Odd how our brains work (or don’t) sometimes.

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