Eating up the knitting time…

This new house is starting to eat into my knitting time! I haven’t worked on my 10kH project at all in the last week and that is bothering me. I have been continually writing down things in my notebook. You know the ideas keep flowing. Now it’s just turning them into 3D objects!

I spent my Saturday driving back and forth to Home Depot, picking out various shades of blue paint. I finally settled on one for the living room and one for the master bedroom. Those are the only 2 rooms I’m planning on painting right now. I think the kitchen will get painted later on.

Painting the walls...


This is my husband’s handy work in the master bedroom. I thought it was adorable!

We got it all painted on Sunday! So all that is left is the living room and it’s 13ft Vaulted ceilings.

As far as knitting goes, I took a few breaks here and there to clear my head of paint fumes and to soak up some sun on our back patio. I knitted on my 2nd toe-up sock and managed to get the heel half turned. I think I can finish that up tonight while waiting on my ride home from work (the DH and I carpool to save some $$). I’m going to try out the hammock and knitting and see now that goes!


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