10kH – Dog Poo Bag Holder

This item I created today out of necessity. I have all these little green poo bags for picking up after the dog just laying around the house. They are on tables, in pockets, purses, etc. There is no easy place to stuff them so they are in reach. So I created this little doo-dad.

Dog Poo Bag Holder

It’s about 10″ long and about 3-3.5″ in diameter. I shoved about a dozen or so baggies in it and it works great. It’s hanging on the hooks where I keep the dog leashes. That means it’s in easy reach when heading out the door. The handle is large enough I can slip it over my wrist if need be.

I’m considering adding a hook or something  so I can attach it to the leash as well. That’s for a future model.

Is anyone out there interested in one of these?

Let me know.

As far as other progress on this project is concerned, that’s about it.  I want to get to working on a more official like logo with a name and things sometime, but this week at work is gonna be a long one, plus we are closing on our house this week too! YAY!

That’s all for now…


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