10kH – Week 1ish Update

Well about a week has passed since I figured out what I want to accomplish with this 10kH challenge. Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Decided I wanted to make myself an Etsy store with some handmade goodies.
  2. Made up a couple box bags on a whim to see how I’d like making those. Discovered they are pretty easy to make and take relatively little time (1ish hours).
  3. Trying to figure out a name for the Store/business. I think I got one tonight on the way home from work. It just came to me. More on that later.

Well alright. I have another logo photo, I’m going to work on making it into a full blown logo heading thing. You know where there’s words involved with the photos.

There’s the head part of the logo that I shared with you all last week.

The name I came up with for the Etsy Shop is:

Happy Husky Handmades

Does it sound alright?

Well that’s the update as it is. I’m going to try to create another item this weekend if I get the appropriate materials together.  It should be pretty neat.

I’m off to work on my sock!


One thought on “10kH – Week 1ish Update

  1. I like the name! I like alliteration to begin with anyway 🙂 I also think you’re box bags are looking really great! Good for you for setting yourself a goal and working towards it. I look forward to seeing your new etsy shop!

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