10kH – Box Bags

Yeah, so box bags aren’t anything original. They’ve definitely been around for awhile. For this ‘store’ idea, I decided that box bags would make rather useful things to shove stuff in. I have tons of them I’ve acquired over the recent months and use then frequently for small portable projects. One can never have too many.

I whipped out the good ole sewing machine Thursday night (yeah a week ago, I’m rather behind on posting this) and set down to work. Having not sewed with the sewing machine in something like 3 years, it was surprisingly second nature. I bought some coordinating fat quarters at the fabric store and some interfacing (still not really sure what it is, ‘cept it makes things stiffer…). Here’s what I produced in about 1.5 hours of work.

Green print on the outside and solid green on the inside. It’s 9″ L, 6″ W, and 3.5″ T. It has a rather long handle that I don’t particularly care for, but I was done and didn’t want to rip it out.

Sunday I finished #2.

Same dimensions. It might be 3″ tall instead of 3.5″. Still I like the handle on this one better.

Next up sometime soon is Notions Pouches, but I don’t think that with my work schedule this week or next I will get to much. I’m going to continue working on a name and figuring out other things for the ‘shop’.


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