10kH – The Rules

So I really think sometimes I get so excited about something that I completely lose sight of what the end goal should be. Take for instance this 10kH thing. The goal is NOT to get something DONE, but to enjoy the PATH that is created while DOING something. (I hope that makes sense to the rest of you out there. I’m a bit sleepy still and while it makes sense now, I’m not sure it will later.)

First things first. Some questions I need to ask myself.

  1.  Why do I want to do this seemingly unending project? At first I was thinking “oh this will take me about a year to do, so it would fit really well.” The next thought was “everyone else is doing it, so why not?” Neither of those are very real answers. In fact I don’t really have a real answer right now at all. I just know I want to do it.
  2. What do I hope to gain from this? I hope to gain some knowledge into myself about why I start so many things and then never finish them (cough, wedding scrapbook, cough) I get all excited abotu these things and then something happens about a week into them. I just die. I just curl up and die and have no desire to finish it at all. Yes, I do finish knitting projects, but they usually have a purpose (you know, a hat because my head is cold type of thing) other than being some creative outlet for me. I’m hoping that this blanket will provide some creative outlet for me.
  3. Do I think this will work?  I suppose this is a valid question. I’m really wantting to stick with it. I think if I can stick with it then it will work.

I want to come and reevaluate those at the middle and end of this experiment. Now for the other part.

The Rules

  1. Must add at least 1 mini-skein of yarn a week. More would be preferable, but let’s not push ourselves too hard at the beginning.
  2. The “Week” will begin on Monday and go through Sunday.
  3. Each “Week” a post will be made talking about the yarn used and what I learned. Kind of like a mini-yarn review.
  4. If extenuating circumstances arise, then I can take the week off, but I have to make it up in a coming week. (ie the next week do 2 skeins instead of 1). This is allowing me a loophole for the months of May and June when I’ll be moving into my new house!
  5. Have fun and be creative.

I think this will be a good experience.


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