1 sock down…

1 to go! I finished the first Koigu Toe Up sock last night as I was waiting for Ryan to pick me up from work.

Sock #1

Also here’s the much promised photo of the Shetland Lace Triangle. I pinned it out so you could see the pattern a bit better.

It really is looking nice. The white bit there is my life line of mint dental floss. It smells good.

I’m hoping for this blog to take some different directions in the coming year. I’m wanting to do some interviews with some of my fellow knitters and probably going to be doing one on my favorite LYS Personal Threads.

Speaking of which, Joe (the owner) talked me into joining the Classic Elite Yarns Spring Knit Along. This entails of purchasing a pattern from Classic Elite and yarn to make it with. You then meet once a week until June to work on said project. Everyone that participates is then entered into a drawing for $200 of Classic Elite products. Of course I entered. Classic Elite is one of my most favorite yarns!

I’m going to be knitting the Firefly Scarf using Classic Elite’s Miracle yarn in a periwinkle color. I’m definitely looking forward to this experience!

Enjoy the lovely weather today!


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