10kH – My Variation

So this last week I’ve taken to reading Miss Violet’s blog from the Podcast Lime ‘N Violet. Some of you may have heard of it. If not, go HERE, you will laugh your arse off. (Not some may not be completely suitable for small children….)

Here’s the link to the first post in Violet’s recent posts about her 10kH project.  It’s about setting a goal for yourself over the next year or so and aiming to achieve it. She’s like me in the fact that we are both anal retentive (I mean this in a good way…) planners. I have to have everything planned out and I will spend ages working on it until it’s right. This time I’m gonna wing it. I’m going to use this blog and my readers (sorry if you don’t like being used) to help me with my motivation on this task.

The task I’m setting out for myself is to make one of those dark Sock Blankies. Maybe not exactly like that, but something similar. Right now I have a tab opened to Rav and am looking through various crochet blankets to find something I can adapt for mine.  Once I figure out which one I’m going to do, then I will start to somewhat outline my plan. It’s mostly going to look like this:

Week 1 Make X number of squares, circles, or blanket parts

week 2  Repeat Week 1

Then each week I’ll have a post on that particular part of the blanket. Be it a story about the yarn and where it came from, a review of the yarn used (if I know what kind it is, some of my mini’s are marked, and some are not). I’m hoping that you guys (readers) can help me by trying to keep me on task.  I realize there will be a few weeks in the upcoming month or so that I won’t get much done as I am moving into a new (to me) house in May (closing April 30th!). I’m going to consider those ‘bi-weeks’ and try to make an extra part on another week or something to make up for it. I realize this is going to take longer than a year, because lets face it, 52 squares that will probably be about 3″ x 3″ won’t make a very big blanket. We’ll see.

Off to find a pattern!

Edit 10:30am 04/19/2010

Found the pattern. I will be using the 10 Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown to use those sock scraps up. I kind of want to dig through the scraps I have and maybe try to color coordinate a bit. I’m partial to bold/jewel tones like Blues, Reds, Purples, Greens. If you have any scraps, partial balls, skiens of WM, leftovers you want to toss my way, let me know, I’ll toss you my address.


2 thoughts on “10kH – My Variation

  1. My sock blanket has been hanging around for three and a half months now and I only have nine squares completed. So mine may take me the rest of my life to complete. I started working on another square the other day and I almost finished it when I realized that while I had started doing the decreases on the right side, I did most of them on the wrong side. I had to rip that little square out. I don’t know if there’s anything in the world that could motivate me to get this project done. I was thinking about doing it out of crochet squares instead of knit because I can crochet faster but then there’s all that joining to do at the end…

    • I started doing crocheted squares. Just a basic SC stitch all around. I got about 3 of those done, then never picked it up again. I think this goal setting will help.

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