Sometimes the perfect thing…

…just appears.  I was browsing through the new Twist Collective for Spring/Summer 2010 and the perfect shawl for my friend’s wedding appeared. I know I polled ya’ll the other day about those 4, but this one is PERFECT. It includes the beads that Linda mentioned (which I’ve been itching to try to do on something) and it suits the recipient’s style much better than any of the others.

Feeling the suspense yet? Browsed through the Twist Collective trying to see which one it is?

Well here we go.

Abrazo by Suzanna IC

Here’s the link to the page in Twist. Here’s the Ravelry Link.

It’s perfect for a wedding shawl. It can be draped, wrapped or used as a scarf. It’s got that light flowing look and I think it would look great in a turquoise color with some sparkly beads along the lace edging. The pattern has instruction for the beadwork as well.

What do ya’ll think about this? I’m sorry I had you vote for something that didn’s pan out the way I intended, but I do think i know what my next shawl for myself will be because of it.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes the perfect thing…

  1. This is lovely! I think you chose well – she will love it for sure! Now I have to go look at the new Twist Collective (I haven’t looked yet, ‘cuz I’ve been too busy to get caught by any of the projects!) Thanks a lot! 😉

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