Tinking Thursday

Tonight I will be sitting down with my FLS and begin the long arduous process of tinking back 5 freakin’ rows of lace pattern so that I can knit down 1 more pattern repeat (possibly 2) and then separate the sleeves and make the armholes.

Last night with the assistance of my friend Karen I put the sweater on some scrap yarn and tried it on to see how it was going. Let’s just say I’m glad I did this last night and not a week from now. I tried it on. It fits except the armholes are a bit snug and a bit high. So I’m going to tink back some and fix the problem. Karen is so patient with her knitting, she goes “oh this will be no problem!” I wish I had that. I really do. I’m sitting here going “oh crap, how can I possibly mess this up this time…” and “can’t I have 1 project that I don’t spend half the time tinking/frogging/cussing out my work?” Some people have it and I am not one of them.

On another note, last night after work I had to wait for Ryan to pick me up (we’ve been carpooling) so I took a walk to the bar next door and sat down to knit.

Knitting at Barrett's

I took this photo with my phone and it kind of adds a dreamy look to it. I’m nearly to turning the heel on the sock. I had to council a group of sock knitter’s last night at sit and knit as to when I shoudl start the short-row heel. Half the resources on the internet say 1.5 inches from the length of the foot (in this case my foot is 9.25″ long) and the other half say 2 inches. I’m at 2 inches right now. It was decided last night that I should knit for another 1/2 inch or so and see how it looks. So I’m knitting 1/2 more before starting the heel. That’s about 6 rows in this pattern. So not too much longer to go.


One thought on “Tinking Thursday

  1. Sorry you have to tink abit. But good thing you found it when you did and had help figuring out what to do. Don’t get discouraged — remember that knitting a sweater is a process and a learning experience.

    So go tink and then back to “happy knitting” 😀

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