Some progress…

…is better than no progress.  That’s how I feel about my knitting this weekend. I managed to at least work on the FLS for a row or two. I’m now to the section where I should start separating the sleeves. Since this requires a bit of concentration I put it down while I was really tired and am hoping to get to it tonight.

I got quite a bit farther on the socks I’m knitting. I’m about 1 inch from turning the heel.

Right now it is a bout 6 inches long. I need to get to 7 before starting the heel portion. I thought I’d be able to do it during lunch today, but I realized that I left it at home, so that will just have to wait.

I learned something new this weekend. It’s not knitting related but it definitely was a blast! A knitting friend from Wed night knitting took me and my SIL rock climbing at one of the gyms here in town. In fact it’s the only gym with an open rock wall right now. I loved it. I’m going to go back again. Maybe even this coming Sunday if I’m not busy with something else.

Me on one of the Auto Belay stations!

I even learned how to belay and the guy signed off on it so I can belay for other people now. I definitely need more practice at it. Right now I’m sore in weird places like my forearms and butt cheeks. The thrill of getting to the top is amazing. I have to say the first time coming back down the wall was a little scary. After that it was easy. I have to say next time I will try to push myself a little bit more than I did. I gave up a couple of times when I was so close to the top.

Happy knitting!


One thought on “Some progress…

  1. I used to do rock climbing when I was a teenager and worked at a summer camp in Yosemite. Since then I haven’t done it but I loved it! We have a rock wall in our rec center on campus but I have yet to check it out. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to soon!

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