New project…

Yes it’s that time again. I decided to jump on board with some other people who are doing “Month O’ Socks”. I have no plans of completing a massive amount of socks or solely knitting on socks. I really just wanted to give knitting a pair of socks another chance.

I bought some lovely mulitcolored Koigu PPM last night a the LYS.  Joe brought out his massive backroom stash of old dye lots for me to dig through. I happened to only find 3 colors that had 2 skeins each in all of it. I picked out the multicolored skeins.

Isn’t it lovely?? I decided to go with knitting the socks on 2 circulars and doing Toe-Up since I’m not sure how much leg I can knit with 1 skein of koigu. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’m doing them 1 at a time too! I decided after the last failed attempt at 2-at-time I needed another regular set under my belt.

I’m using Silver’s Sock Class to walk me through doing Toe-Up socks, and got the first one cast one this morning before work. I’m hoping to work on them while waiting for my ride after work.

The FLS sweater is also moving along nicely. I am about 4 rows from being finished with the yoke section of the sweater and soon will be moving onto the body and the lace pattern. I am loving how the Malabrigo is knitting up.

I was worried that I’d get this sweater done and it would be too warm to wear it. But after looking outside this morning and seeing more snow…yes…it’s snowing….again, there might be chances to wear it. We’ll see.

Wishing for more sunny days and warmer temps.


One thought on “New project…

  1. Oooh. I’m loving that color! I really like Koigu but haven’t had the chance to work with it, just pet it at the store. I think I’ll knit a pair of socks sometime this year. I’ve knit a sock before but would really like to complete a whole set.

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