Update #7 – Ravelympics 2010

So far the Danica is going smoothly. I’ve gotta few more squares done on it. I don’t know if I can get it done by  Sunday or not. I guess it all depends on whether or not my family will be up to visit. Right now the only knitting time I’ve had is my lunch break and a bit in the evening.

Tonight time will be taken up getting my taxes done for 2009. That’s always a long drawn out process. I almost would rather do them myself again this year, but since I’ve gotten married, we are buying a house, we moved, etc. This time around I’m letting a professional do them. It’s gonna cost me, but it will be worth it I hope.

Yesterday I was awarded my WIPs Dancing Medal for the Ravelympics and the completetion of my Scrunchy Malabrigo Scarf.

Last night I found out that Saturday one of my fellow knitting guildies will be teaching some spinning at our Saturday meetup. This is great as I have a package waiting for me at the PO that contains a drop spindle and some fiber so that I can learn to spin. I’m hoping it goes well as I could see this really becoming an addiction for me.

Well send your thoughts and good vibes my way as we are puttin an offer on a house this weekend.

Only 3 days left of the Olympics! Keep on knitting (or crocheting)!


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