No knitting, just ice.

Sigh, winter weather strikes again. This time in the form of freezing rain/drizzle. Yay. I ice skated about this morning while walking the dog. Sometimes I don’t think he realizes that the human he’s dragging behind him doesn’t have all that much in the way of coordination on slippery surfaces.

I haven’t done any knitting since Sunday. I’m kind of feeling ‘bleh’ about it right now. I’ve been dealing with a migraine from H-E-double hockey sticks the last few days and have barely wanted to get out of bed. I’m at work today doped up on tylenol like products that don’t seem to be working. I’d really rather be curled up in the dark sleeping this one off. I’m sure nauseated too.  Doc said it is probably worse right now because of the lack of sunlight.

Tonight I really want to make it to knitting, but it all depends on if the weather will cooperate. Right now it’s not too bad out there, but we’ll see what the rest of the day brings.

Please be careful on the ice. Falling on your arse isn’t very much fun.


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