Last night I learned…

…how to knit Fair Isle and also how to knit continental, all at once! Last night at our knitting meeting at WF in Omaha, one of our fellow guild members taught a few of us how to knit Fair Isle. It was easier that I thought it would be. I thought it would be a lot of juggling yarn and needles, but it really wasn’t. I just need to work on how to hold the yarn in my left hand vs. my right. I’ve decided I need chubbier fingers to really ‘grip’ the yarn on my left hand.

While doing the Fair Isle, I also learned how to knit Continental style. This means holding the yarn in  your left hand and “pickin” the yarnwith the needle, versus the English method which is also know as “throwing”. It was much easier and since I’ve been spending my lunch break crocheting squares, I picked it up rather quickly.

Both of these techniques where things that I hoped to learn in 2010. I’m going to make washcloth/dishcloth with some cotton yarn so that I can practice the Continental style of knitting.

Yesterday while posting the update about the Warmeez mitts, I couldn’t get one of my photos to post. I’m hoping that it will work today….

Modeling Left Mitt

Woot! I guess WordPress just didn’t like it yesterday. Last night I cast on the right mitt and got one repeat of the cable pattern done.

That’s all for now!


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