Warmeez! – 10 in 2010 Update

Last night I began the night weaving in ends on the first mitt of the Warmeez! It went really well. I like the cabling and the seed stitch. Granted you can kind of tell where the DPNs joined. I still haven’t gotten the whole ‘laddering’ issue completely resolved. It’s more like the stitches are looser there or something. Any tips for that? I pull the first stitch on the new DPN tight as well as the 2nd, but I still end up with this small flaw. Anyways….I digress.

Left Warmeez Mitt!

There’s some photos to tie you over till I get the 2nd one complete. Granted I haven’t even cast it on yet. That may or may not happen tonight at knitting. I’m guessing not as I have quite a bit of laceweight to wind up and then K in our guild will be showing off Fair Isle Knitting. I’m hoping I can learn how to do that because I picked my 10th Project for 10 in 2010!

Fiddlehead Mitts. Very traditional mittens with a lining as well. I think I’d like to do them with Berroco Ultra Alpaca light with a Suri Alpaca lining for extra softness. I’m thinking black as the main color with some fun bright colors, like Reds, or Blues. We’ll see. None of the LYS’s here in Omaha sell Ultra Alpaca Light, so I will probably have to check out the Yarn Barn in Lawrence when I head home again, or go the online route (which I’m not keen on, as I am a fondler of the yarnz). I have to say I’m addicted to Berroco’s Alpaca line. It’s at a nice price point, and it knits up fabulously!

This last weekend I was hoping to organize the yarn and the books and the other crafty things in my office. That didn’t happen. I need to come up with a plan. A good one that isn’t going to cost me a lot. I think I might do some Craigslist research to see if I can find a cheap book shelf that isn’t too tall or wide and maybe get some cute bins/baskets to store things in. Anything would be better than the mess I have in the closet at the moment. I can’t find ANYTHING in there and it’s not at all organized. We’ll see how this plan goes.

The Pretty Thing Cowl has been sitting since Sunday. I haven’t had any quiet time for me to work on it in the last couple days, I expect this weekend I’ll get it done. Then I will need to get some blocking materials so that I can block it. Thank goodness I have quite a few Joann’s coupons to use up this month so that will help. This is assuming they have anything that would work for blocking. I know they have T-pins, but I was thinking I’ll need wires too.

Well that’s all I have for updates at this point.  Happy knitting!


3 thoughts on “Warmeez! – 10 in 2010 Update

  1. I read an article where the only advice offered to avoid ladders on your dpn projects was to “pull the stitches tight”. duh. I have noticed that I get more laddering when I’m purling than knitting on dpns so maybe with the seed stitch, the switching from purl to knit is harder to keep tight? Just a thought…

  2. I can usually get it all to even out if I tug from the top and bottom and then the sides. Like when you have a snag in a knit item. Or, you could take a darning needle and use it to shift the looseness to the stiches on both sides of the “ladder.”

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