Warmeez! – 10 in 2010

Well last night marked the start of another project on the 10 in 2010 list! I cast on my Warmeez! Mitts last night while at sit and knit at Panera. I started off as the pattern was written and did a few repeats. I got home and decided I didn’t like it. So I frogged and started again with less stitches this time. I prefer tighter mitts. So far I’ve done 3 repeats of the cable pattern, the pattern calls for 4 and then I can begin the gusset.

Cable portion of Warmeez Mitts

The cable is working up nicely. I’ve also discovered cable needles should come with small leashes to attach them to yourself while using them. I misplaced one last night at knitting and in the course of the evening at home I managed to have the other roll away a half dozen times.

This pattern incorporates a stitch that I’ve not used before, the seed stitch. I rather like it! It’s giving the mitts some wonderful texture on the back side!

Seed Stitch on Warmeez!

I also put in a bit more work on the Pretty Thing Cowl last night before I got to the last 15 rows which require a bit more thought than I could devote while chatting to friends. That will get worked on later today I’m sure. Right now I’m loving these mitts!

More updates to come at a later time.


One thought on “Warmeez! – 10 in 2010

  1. Mitts look great! Suggestion for keeping track of cable needle: stick it through the lowest cable — that way it is handy when you need it and it doesn’t go wandering off…

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