Update: Pretty Thing Cowl – 10 in 2010

Ahh good ole Nebraska winter, or Snowpacolypse as some of us have been calling it lately. It has snowed some more, therefore shutting the town down once again. I had taken the morning off yesterday to get the name change stuff going at the SS office and the DMV. Managed to make it to the SS office only. DMV will have to wait for a lunch break on a non-snow packed road day. I experienced my frist 360 in my car at 40 miles an hour on the interestate also yesterday. That was quite the adrenaline rush. I’m fine and so is my car. Though the car is missing a layer of paint in a couple small places. It will survive.

While at home yesterday because I decided to not chance the weather and drive to work in the afternoon I worked on the cowl some more. I took a picture this time. It’s officially 1/2 done. 30 more rows to complete and then I will need to block it.

Pretty Thing Cowl 50% complete

Also I completed another square for the Sock Blanket! I think these will be great projects for the office as I can pick it up quickly and put it down without much thought as to what pattern I’m doing or anything like that.

Sock Blanket Square #2

 This square is from Nashua Best Foot Forward in the Plum Harvest colorway.

I’ve also started reading Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. So far it seems to be an interesting book. We’ll see how it goes as I get more into it.

If you are in Nebraska, stay warm and remember that Alaska is 30 degrees warmer there today than it is here!


One thought on “Update: Pretty Thing Cowl – 10 in 2010

  1. Cowl is indeed, a Pretty Thing! Glad you are safe and sound after your bad weather driving experience. Slower is better in this kind of weather.

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