Pretty Thing Cowl – 10 in 2010 Redux

Okay, so I frogged the cowl last night at knitting. I hated how the alpaca was knitting up. That is unusual for me because I LOVE alpaca. I’m considering having someone overdye it to a different color for me so that it can be transformed into a project in the future. I’m going to recast on the cowl tonight in the car hopefully and this time I’m going to be using Classic Elite’s Inca Alpaca in a light heather grey. Hopefully take 2 will go much better.

I swear I counted right, but for some reason when I started row 7 I did the pattern as charted and ended up with 7 stitches left on the round. I couldn’t find where I missed 7 stitches in previous sections. I’m hoping it was just some sort of crazy error and not something I did.

Last night I picked up a project I hadn’t worked on in a long while. This was the result of going to knitting with one project in the bag and then frogging that project. I drove home quickly (I don’t live too far from Wed night knitting) and I grabbed the first project bag that was laying in my office. It ended up being my Scrunchy mmmmMal Scarf that I started several months ago. I got about 10-15 more rows done on it last night out of desperation. I think I will try to finish it over this holiday because I had forgotten how squishy and wonderful it feels.


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