Pretty Thing Cowl – 10 in 2010

So I’m cheating a bit on this 10 in 2010 thing. I cast on my Pretty Thing cowl last night. Technically 2010 doesn’t start for 2 more days, but I just couldn’t wait and wanted to get the hard part (casting on) done before I hopped in the car tomorrow to begin our road trip for the New Year. I don’t think that’s too bad.

This pattern is going to help me accomplish another goal of mine I had this year in learning to read charts. The whole pattern is done with a chart, which is actually not that hard to read. I thought I would be lost and confused and not able to to do it without writing it out stitch by stitch. Granted this isn’t a terribly difficult lace project, but it is a good representation of a lace chart.

For this cowl I’m using some handspun alpaca I bought at the local Weavers Guild’s craft fair a few months ago. It’s 200 yds of fingering weight (it might be a bit heavier than fingering) in a creamy tan color.  The only complaint I have about this yarn is that it has small straw/hay pieces stuck in it sometimes. Is this common with handspun? or did I just get some that wasn’t cleaned very well? I think as I was winding it into a ball I got out the big pieces and as I knit I find some smaller ones. Other than that this yarn is squishy and quite wonderful to knit with. Next time I work with something like this I will need to get pointier needles than my clover bamboo. It splits a little with these but I’m used to that.

I don’t have any pictures of it yet as it hasn’t progressed far enough a picture would show much. I’ll take some tonight if I get a significant amount done at Sit and Knit tonight.

I have taken to listening to 2 different podcast/videocasts lately. The first is called LimeNViolet. It’s 2 ladies who used to live here in Omaha and attend the knitting groups. They have been doing this podcast for a couple years now. There are 96 1 hour podcasts out. I’ve started from teh beginning and am on #6 right now. It kills quite a bit of time here at work while I’m reading through files and the like.

The other is a videocast by another member of our NKCG group, Alcariel. The videocast is called Round the Twist. She does a videocast on Wed nights and show us her projects on the needles, finished objects (old and new) and other fun stuff like what she’s spinning. It ‘s quite enjoyable. 10 minutes long for each episode (though there are a couple 2 parters). Great quick listen/watch. It’s great to see her progress on her projects.

Watching and listening to these podcasts has made me wonder if I could do something similar. I’m thinking more on the lines of Alcariel’s videocast. It would be every couple weeks just to update on my projects, finished objects and my knitting goals for 2010. We’ll see.


One thought on “Pretty Thing Cowl – 10 in 2010

  1. I love “Pretty Thing” – I’m sure it will be lovely! I do find when I spin that I sometimes miss some bits of VM (spinner slang for vegetable matter). I try to pick them all out while I’m working, but some always slips by. I’ve found it in commercially processed yarn on occasion as well, so I wouldn’t worry overmuch about it. Just pick it out as you go, so you don’t poke your neck when you wear the cowl!

    Oh, and congratulations on your wedding! Have a lovely holiday and an uneventful road trip!

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