10 in 2010 List

Okay, so I posted it on Ravelry this morning so I might as well post it here too! I’ve made my 10 in 2010 project list. I even have a theme attached to it! The theme is Selfish Knitting. I’ve knit quite a few things for other people in the last few months *cough* Christmas Knitting *cough* and I feel that I need some knitted items of my own since my skills have gone from stockinette stitch scarves to intermediate lace projects in the last 8 months (thank you NKCG!)

10 in 2010 List (Links all go to Ravelry.com)

  1. Monkey by Cookie A.- Some neat socks I’ve been itching to make
  2. Easy Lace Scarf– I’ve done alot of scarves in my life, but this one would be great in a white yarn.
  3. Shetland Triangle – I love shawls and wraps alot and this pattern just spoke to me.
  4. Koolhaas – I’ve not yet knit myself a hat and this one looked amazing.
  5. Pretty Thing Cowl – I have seen this cowl a few times and decided it would be fun to try a new pattern instead of one I’ve done before.
  6. Warmeez – Fingerless mitts. I’m in love with fingerless mitts. Another pair for myself.
  7. Smith – I have yet to knit up a toy animal of any sort, but I’ve decide to make a Smith by Ysolda
  8. Noro Striped Scarf – Another classic scarf, can’t ever have too many.
  9. Owls – I want to make myself a sweater in 2010 and this looks like the winner!
  10. Fiddlehead Mittens – This will allow me to learn some colorwork and also continental knitting.

That’s a pretty good list in my opinion. Some of the items listed involve things I’ve not done before, like sweaters and toys. Most are just more advanced techniques than what I’ve used in the past.

You can also join the 10 in 2010 group on Ravelry by clicking here.


3 thoughts on “10 in 2010 List

  1. You probably know me as savedbygrace92 on Rav, but anyways, just wanted to say I LOVE your list, because I want to knit almost all of those same patterns this year. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, it’s a pretty big list for me. I think last year I finished 4 projects. So getting those 10 done and a couple other “Christmas” knitting projects is quite a hefty goal for me.

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