One more down…

Well I guess the title is a bit preemptive, but the Thermis is almost complete. I have 6 more rows to knit and then bind off, do some finishing work and sew on the buttons. I’ve got to say overall this has been a very quick knit. I love the way it has knitted up. I’m super excited to see it completely finished. I will likely post a finished photo of it.

I’m heading to knitting this afternoon at the Panera. It will be good to get out for a bit. I really wanted to make some cookies today, but I just can’t bring myself to bake them. We’ll see though.

Finished the Thermis at knitting tonight. That includes sewing the buttons and weaving in ends. I cut the top portion by 2 rows as I would have had to bust out a 3rd skein of yarn for 1 row. That wasn’t happening. I like the finished product. I think I”m going to be making one for myself!

Thermis Neck Cowl

2 thoughts on “One more down…

    • Yeah, I tried it on. I think I might make me one but make it a touch smaller circumference wise. I love the thermal/waffle stitch it really adds some squishyness.

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