So it’s been snowing for a day or more now. We have 6-8 inches on the ground with a few more 6-8inches on it’s way. Blizzard like conditions in the morning. This has prompted staying home from work for 1/2 day today and another tomorrow.  So pretty though.

Here’s Rocco enjoying himself today.

Rocco hanging out in our snow storm!

The snow storm has also prompted knitting. I’ve cast on my Thermis that is going to be a Christmas gift for a friend. After doing some swatch making I altered the pattern a bit to make it work out. Guess what is worsted weight in one yarn, isn’t in another. I hate when that happens. I doubt I will post photos of it until after it’s been gifted so I do not spoil the surprise.

Well I can smell dinner. So it must be time to eat!

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