Knitting Update

You know how last week I posted about how much knitting I was going to accomplish over Thanksgiving? I lied. I ended up not getting one object finished. The hat I started for R is taking a bit longer, that pattern was the hardest part. I’m about 6 rows from starting the decreases. That shouldn’t take too long.

The Danica scarf pretty much stayed in the knitting bag. It didn’t see one bit of sunlight.

The Thermis for my KYS swap partner also didn’t get much work. I started to cast on and my long tail wasn’t long enough (by like 10 sts), gah I hate when that happens. So that is now hiding in it’s respective bag.

I guess I was too ambitious. It also didn’t help that most of our driving ended up being in the dark which makes it hard to knit. Maybe this week I can get something done.

I have 3 weeks till the wedding and I still have 1 scarf to start, one to finish and a hooded scarf to make for my mom. I need to be more diligent.

One thought on “Knitting Update

  1. You know — this happens all the time. And there is nothing wrong with giving a partially completed item and then finishing it after the Christmas rush…. 🙂

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